UCLA MFA Thesis Exhibition 2015

Graphics / Web

Client: UCLA Media Arts MFA, Graduating Class of 2015
Team Members: Bijun Liang, Nico Le

MFA Thesis Exhibition Website


I worked together with a fellow designer, Nico Le, to design the attitude for the UCLA Media Arts MFA program's Thesis Exhibition in 2015. We created the marketing materials and website.

The Rigid and Formless

The Master of Fine Arts in Media Arts is a two-year program that focuses on an individual's personal and creative development within the context of media arts. Artists from diverse backgrounds including the visual arts, sciences, and engineering work together in a multiplude of discplines and media.

We wanted to highlight this cross-disciplinary attitude. In design, a "blob" is something that is formless, yet has the potential to be any form it takes. It transcends mediums and is something to be made. We moved toward a composition of 2.5-dimensional blobs as the art direction, one that celebrates objects in both physical and virtual spaces.

Process iterations

The Poster

I focused on the illustrations and composition of the blobs themselves, and Nico worked primarily on the typography. Images below are iterations of typography that I worked on as I worked on the illustrations.

Process iterations


I designed and coded the website. Each artist was given a specific blob form. See it live here.

Process iterations