Kuna Web 2.0


UIUX, Information Architecture, Visual Design
6 months, 3-person team + contractors

Smart home security company, Kuna, needed a website revamp to reflect new company goals, transitioning its positioning as a hardware product into a software platform. This project improved Kuna’s brand presence online, including its user experience, storytelling, and visual identity.

Time For a Change

The “android of 
home security”, Kuna allows users to control smart devices 
like outdoor cameras, lights and motion sensors so they fit seamlessly into homes.

The company started as a single product company selling an outdoor camera light called ‘kuna’, and it soon evolved to being a SaaS app-based platform providing a larger variety of products.

 The company’s story was simple: prevent break-ins before they happen. However, as the company rapidly evolved and more products were introduced, the website lagged behind in reflecting who they were.

Challenge & Scope

Being in small team meant... 
I have to get to work on every step of the design process.

Research & Findings

We audited our personas, information structure, layout, tone and navigation.

  • Users were confused by the navigation.
  • Communication on hardware & service was deeply intertwined (which sense as a single-product company), but now, users had trouble distinguising between features.
  • Photography, icons, and visuals were inconsistent.
  • Essentially, we needed a big change instead of simple A/B testing optimizations.

The Website

Information at the Right Time

We discovered that users saw our product as a long-term asset to a shared home space. They would often revisit the site multiple times prior to purchase, in order to spend time researching, comparing with competitors, and discussing with family members. To address to these differing needs, the website is designed to cater to main task flows of both education and purchase.

Organization That Makes Sense

The old website linked to 14 different pages with little hierarchy. Users found this overwhelming, and pages felt frankensteined together. Pages like “Why Kuna” and “Easy Install” had similar in-page content, which added to confusion. For the update, we focused on clarifying hardware vs service. We organized products with more hierarchy, in a way that’s easier to digest.

Consistent Visual Identity

The old site was a frankenstein. The general look felt dated. Icons were inconsistent, and gray-on-gray typography in small font sizes meant bad readibility for our primary users (aged 35-55). The refreshed brand guidelines and UI addressed these issues.


I worked with a remote web developer to implement the website. Due to limited resources, I occasionally hopped on to do front-end while our web developer worked on backend.

Website updates were communicated to other team members and hardware partners, so that information was consistent across all channels.


Yay! We launched the website (an A & B version, in fact 😄) There is always a sense of relief seeing the project go out to the public, coupled by anxiety fearing whatever we’ve done has catastrophically broken the entire website (Thankfully, it didn’t.)

Results (1 month post-launch)
+13.23% Ecommerce Conversion Rate

-6.81% Pages/Session

+6.46% Session Duration

-5.73% Bounce Rate 

+105% Newsletter Signup

Some knots and kinks had to be massaged away with gradual improvements based on testing. If we had more time, I'd love to have more fun with interactions! As always, more user testing never hurts.