Half & Half

Exhibition, Curation


I co-curated the 2015 Media Arts Student Exhibition: Half & Half alongside 6 other team members. We curated, branded, marketed, and installed the exhibition.

Curatorial Statement
As light filters from bright to dark, from lit to unlit, from white to black - new spaces begin to reveal themselves. Half & Half refers to the sublime moment of this transition, the moment when light and dark are combined to create an entirely new space. It is always becoming, always changing, evolving with the relationship of light and dark.

UCLA’s department of Design Media Arts occupies a similarly transcendent space—part design and part media arts, part research and part creation. When each component of our department is brought together, the result is something more powerful than the initial sum of it’s parts. This is the framework for the curation of the work in our undergraduate showcase, and it is through this unification that new ideas and inspiration spring forth.