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Giraffe Corps is a Chinese-English novel translation service that I founded in 2011, born out of my love and passion for Chinese-language novels. With the authors' permission, Giraffe Corps produces English versions of fiction novels from China and Taiwan, mainly aimed at the teenage and young adult audience. It is now run by a community of volunteers across the globe, currently active with bi-monthly updates. There is an average of 4000 views daily, and over 10,000 on days of release. Our works have also been re-translated by other volunteer groups into Thai, French, and Italian.


In the summer of 2011, I became obsessed Chinese novels. I woke up at nine every morning and read novels until I completely devoured them. I would raid the nearby library for more books and read again until my body was too tired to stay awake. However, I soon felt lonely in my obsession and wanted to infect someone with my enthusiasm. Unfortunately, everyone I knew either only spoke English or did not read Chinese novels. It felt as if I was the only one who read Harry Potter.


PC: Eslite Xinyi Bookstore

Obtaining Permission
To fulfill this void, I decided to email several authors with a proposition to create Giraffe Corps, a novel translating community that provides stories from other cultures to an English-only audience. After receiving expressed permission from the authors, I recruited friends and interested volunteers across the globe to join. We would buy novels directly from China and Taiwan, then translate and release it online.

Retrieving and Processing Raws
The purchased novels in their original language (raws) are scanned in page by page. These scans are shared only between staff members, and are deleted after translation is complete. This is to prevent the unlawful distribution of the original series.

Translating and Proofreading
Chapters are picked up by members of the community on a volunteer-based process. The translated English versions then go through two stages of proofreading before it is uploaded to the website.

Our visitors primarily use the website to read available releases and to check for updates. To make this process easier, information for latest releases for each series are posted at multiple locations: immediately on the front page, on the update post, and also in summary format accessible through the navigation bar.

Light and Dark Mode
To cater to the reading preferences of our readers, releases on the website are available in both a light and dark reading mode.

Translation Tooltip
Cultural references, puns, and the lack of proper word/phrase equivalents are common issues with translated material. To address these issues, a hover tooltip provides explanation for phrases that may be confusing to readers.

And some things just make us happy. The appreciation and love from visitors fuels our translation community.