bijun liang

20 Words / 20 Works



This is a handbound collection of art projects created by 20 design students. The work is designed around the exhibition 'Graphic Design: Now in Production,' which took place at the Hammer Museum from September 30, 2012 to January 6, 2013. Using five essays in the exhibition catalogue as inspiration, we explored ways in which graphic design is made, produced, and distributed today, focusing on the role of "designers as producers". Twenty signatures make up the entire book, each one representing a different "word" chosen by the contributing designer. This word is conceptualized into a 20-page art project and booklet.

My word is "anyone" – any person or people. In order to celebrate the potentiality and freedom within the word, my project is a sticker book that allows the reader to create 'anyone'. Equipment, tools, and uniforms associated with jobs are printed on label sheets. While they may appear to be confined to a book, readers can peel the images off, and reconstruct them. These images can be remade to create 'anyone'.